Below, you will find 2010’s clue list.  Every team receives one of these at the start of the scavenger hunt.  We recommend that you sit down with your clue list and plan your route.  Please notice that there are windows of opportunity and an estimated amount of time that you will take to complete the tasks at each location.  Plan wisely as you don’t want to miss any windows of opportunity (and possible puzzle pieces). As you  complete your tasks at each specified location, you will either fulfill a requirement or receive a puzzle piece.  Gather all the puzzle pieces and arrange them in their proper order, and the grand prizes will be revealed (well, only if you can figure the puzzles out!).  This year, there will be five cash prizes totaling $2250 (Two key quests worth $600 each, a To Scavenge Puzzle for $600) and two additional quests with rewards totaling $450).  Be the first team to correctly decipher the puzzle by carefully following the instructions and win that prize.  Remember, this is not a race and the prizes will not be put into play until about 8pm.  Please look at Last’s Year Puzzle for more information about how the puzzles are put together and what you have to do!



Below are the clues that will guide you through the Raleigh Typhoon 4.  The clues will reveal different locations and then lead you to complete various tasks.  We have given you an estimate of how much time you’ll spend at each location.  Use this information to strategize a plan of attack.  Please notice that there are windows of opportunity listed for each stop.  You will not receive a puzzle piece or token if you get there before or after the scheduled time!  Read every clue carefully!  Take completed activity sheets with you!  Make sure to take every Team Picture (Team Picture means the whole Team!).  We will only review ONE CAMERA per team.  DO NOT call businesses to attempt to get hints!  Play fair, Play hard & enjoy Downtown Raleigh!  Happy Hunting!


  1. Guilty of being a Super Gastro Pub, near the courthouse. Named after an English city! (12:15-5:30pm. 20 min.) Check in with the Bartender; proceed with 20 Team Jumping Jacks in front of the building! Get your activity, complete it and then get a reward.
  2. I start with an “N” and have a “Y.” You may be “warm” if you’re near our “Blue Light District.” Proceed to the Bar and you will receive an activity to complete. (12:15-5:30pm. 25 min.) Team vs Team Action!
  3. I have an “@” near City Market and am on a street that “howls.” A Bar for Champions, especially BINGO. (All Day! 20 min.) Team vs Team Action!
  4. I am a gliding two-wheeled personal transporter that is super eco-friendly. Get a Triangle Segway brochure from Bruce or from their “home base.” Take a picture of me and kindly ask about our tours and you may receive a puzzle piece. (12:30-1:30pm Fayetteville St., 1:30-2:30pm Moore Square, 4-5pm Fayetteville St.)
  5. Not Blue Collar Crime! Team Picture while on stage! (3pm-7pm. 20 min.)
  6. No Sleep til _______ (Heights)! (5-9pm. 15 min.) Take a fun picture on the porch, then proceed to the bar and talk to JJ. He will provide the activity for Team vs Team Action!
  7. It should be “Easy” to find this stop, filled with Cajun Delights! Take your item! (12:15-5:30pm. 15 min.)
  8. You can find me on Glenwood South. I am known for my leathery armored shell. A place for great Tex-Mex Food! (All Day! 15 min.)
  9. My logo has a cityscape of Raleigh! Don’t drop the ball on this one! Take a Picture while performing this activity! (12:15-4pm. 15 min.)
  10. You’ll find me on Fayetteville St. I offer ice cream, sweets, delicious bites to eat and “the smoothest coffee!” Take a Funny Team Picture outside and show it to an employee and you may receive a reward. (All Day! 10 min.)
  11. 510 Glenwood Avenue. (4-7pm. 15 min.) Go to the bar and complete an activity!
  12. Follow the “Sombrero” to get to this place for outstanding Mexican Cuisine. How many Virgins do we have? _____ Take a Team Picture doing the “Waka Waka!” (12:15pm-2:30pm. 15 min.)
  13. Climb directly to Glenwood South’s exclusive Rooftop Bar. I start with an “S” and end with an “S.” Go to the bar, relax, enjoy yourself and have a drink! Team Picture with the Cityscape! (4-8pm. 15 min.)
  14. Follow the Guinness on my nose! 311. Check in at the bar and begin your hunt, answer all the questions and get a reward (2-5:30pm. 15 min.) Take your answer sheet with you!
  15. ake a Team Picture in front of Glenwood South’s Eco-Friendly Hair Studio, Bottega! (All Day. 5 min.)
  16. Take a picture of the Mannequin with a Raleigh Typhoon shirt on, at this awesome consignment boutique with two “R’s.” (12:15pm-7pm. 5 min.)
  17. This is an awesome “Landmark” on Hargett. Go to the bar and talk to Gary! (4-9pm. 15 min.)
  18. Go Chill at Buku! Report to the bar and get a menu. Decipher the following code using the menu: Ginger, Lemon, Oil, Bichotan, Asian, Lime, Salmon, Tuna, grEEn, Tekka, Fresh, Organic, misO, Daikon (12:15-5pm. 10 min.) What does the code say? ____________________________________________
  19. Follow the “PEACE” sign to this “City!” Take a Team Picture on the front grass with a dangling egg. (All Day! 10 min.)
  20. RION. (4-8pm. 15 min.) Take Team Picture in a Vogue Pose and then proceed to the bar for your activities.
  21. 24 Hour Glenwood South Diner (3:30pm-7pm 10 min.) Take your activity with you!
  22. The Oak City’s closest bar to the Capitol; named after the most legendary North Carolina Bar.
  23. (12:15-6pm 30 min.). Take a picture with the Capitol behind you!
  24. Skate over to 424 Peace St. Take a picture of the Purple Dinosaur Jr. Nike! (12:15pm-7pm. 5 min.)
  25. Visit Vintage and take a Team Picture inside with the Vintage logo behind you! (All Day! 5 min.)


Beware of the “COP!”  Follow his directions carefully.  We encourage you to try hard at every activity that you are requested to perform; a half-hearted effort may delay you or keep you from receiving valuable puzzle pieces or tokens.  Please notice that there are a few locations where there will be Team vs. Team Action, we advice you to make “friends” along the way with other groups so that you have an opponent during those activities.  Throughout your hunting, you will receive puzzle pieces that will reveal the 3 puzzles that will lead to the cash prizes.  Each team must spend a minimum of $20 throughout the scavenger hunt; keep all your receipts.  Cheating and disturbing any of the clues are grounds for disqualifications.  The Last Stop and Victory Celebration location is Natty Greene’s.  Most of the give-aways will take place there, starting at 8:30pm.  Don’t lose your raffle ticket!