Raleigh Typhoon:

scavenger hunt, cosmic game, exhilarating, a means to booty, boggling, bewildering, throws a curb, ciphers, over your head, midday madness, a battle of wits, ad infinitum.

The heart of downtown Raleigh serves as the playing field for the Raleigh Typhoon scavenger hunt. Over the past nine years, over 2300 participants teamed up to find specific items and perform tons of fun tasks in the hopes of capturing prizes. The tasks have included: getting upside down for a Red Bull can, riding a Raleigh Rickshaw, tasting delicious chocolates at Escazu, participating in a “bar olympics,” finding dozens of Frida Kahlos at Dos Taquitos, lip-syncing at White Collar, finding a “Waldo” look-a-like, playing video games, Karaoke, leap frogging, pole dancing, completing word searches, putting a jigsaw puzzle together, being a human bowling ball at Endless Grind, completing mazes, making pool trick shots, making origami frogs, Elvis lip-synch, solving riddles, competing in ladder golf and deciphering puzzles, just to name a few. One of the puzzles directed hunters to try to figure out that the, “pan-optic-cylinder,” was our iconic Clarion hotel, led them to a suite, prompted them to knock, reveal a password which granted them access to the cityscape and made them find an octopus on a rooftop. Another puzzle made participants find a fountain, figure out where the survey marker is on the Capitol building, find wolf statues that were part of the Red Wolf Ramble, and complete a mad cap “to do” list. Every year, participants have new tasks and items to find. Each team is required to bring back certain objects and take pictures with a smart device (with Internet capability, room for 50 pictures, a few videos, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) in order to prove that they found certain items including: statues, dates, names, logos, a cup, two parks, “the” acorn, the hidden side of a building, the two sides of our great Raleigh flag, etc…

The Raleigh Typhoon is designed to be challenging, entertaining, at times educational, and definitely a great way to spend time in downtown Raleigh with your friends! The Raleigh Typhoon is not a race, but you do need to complete all the tasks by a certain time in order to win. There are a few pitfalls that may delay and amuse you along the way, and rewards for coming on top.

This year, there will be a number of cash prizes and the rest of the prizes will be given away throughout the day and at the last stop (TBA). The Raleigh Typhoon 10 is taking place on Saturday, July 30, 2016 and it is going to be bigger and badder than last year. Don’t miss out on the fun and discover a little more about downtown Raleigh’s treasures.

Rain or Shine!  So be prepared!  Costumes are highly encouraged! 

Each team must consist of at least two participants and may have a maximum of eight participants.  Participants must be 21 and over.

All proceeds from the Raleigh Typhoon 2016 will benefit Activate Good!