Raleigh Typhoon Scavenger Hunt Pokémon GO Competition

For the past 10 years, the Raleigh Typhoon Downtown Raleigh Scavenger Hunt has been a battle of wits and skill between locals who think they know Raleigh best. Now, as Pokémon GO takes Raleigh by storm, we’re looking high and low for Raleigh’s best Pokémon trainers during a special competition as part of this year’s Raleigh Typhoon on Saturday, July 30!

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Read on to learn more about forming and competing against other teams to catch Pokémon for prizes during this year’s Raleigh Typhoon. The best part: 100% of proceeds from Raleigh Typhoon benefit Activate Good, a local charity that connects volunteers to help over 340 causes in the Triangle.


How to join the Raleigh Typhoon Pokémon GO competition (Please read everything carefully!):


Register a Raleigh Typhoon scavenger hunt team! Raleigh Typhoon teams can include folks from any Pokémon training affiliation, so feel free to join forces with trainers from Team Valor, Instinct, or Mystic and take on Downtown Raleigh for this unique Raleigh Typhoon competition. Just remember, in accordance with Raleigh Typhoon rules, teams must contain between 2 and 8 participants and all participants must be age 21 or over. Teams competing for the Raleigh Typhoon Pokémon GO prize must adhere to all regular Raleigh Typhoon scavenger hunt rules.

P.S.: Raleigh Typhoon also has a prize for Best Team Costume, so costumes are highly encouraged!


Check-in your team at Raleigh Typhoon during the designated check-in period, between 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM on Saturday, July 30 at b.good on Fayetteville Street in Downtown Raleigh (the competition officially kicks off at 1:00 PM, so arriving early is a safe bet). Teams competing for the Pokémon GO prize must declare they are competing for this prize during check-in.


Play! Prize(s) will be awarded to the Raleigh Typhoon team that collectively catches the most Pokémon between 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM sharp on July 30. Each team member’s Pokémon will be counted and added to the team’s total. Teams must also successfully complete at least six (6) of the regular Raleigh Typhoon clue activities (teams receive a puzzle piece upon activity completion as evidence). For every additional Raleigh Typhoon activity the team participates in, the team will receive 10 points towards their Pokémon score. Finally, Teams must arrive and check in at the final Raleigh Typhoon location (a secret location that will be announced on social media on July 30!) by 7:30 PM in order to be scored. Teams arriving after 7:30 PM will be disqualified.

The Prize(s)

$200! The winning team will get cold, hard cash.
Glory and recognition! We’ll spotlight the winning team on social media and other sites!

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