2015 Puzzle


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2014 Puzzle

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2010 Clues

2010 Puzzle



Ok, so after collecting all the puzzle pieces, this is what you get!  Three puzzles!

Puzzle 1 for $1000 was a little hard.  Notice that it says, “You may have to do some rearranging!”  OILS at the very top was scrambled and by rearranging the letters, you would get…  SILO.  The second image has an eye inside a window frame and was giving instructions to look through the window.  The camera indicates that a picture had to be taken.  Below the camera, there is the shape of a column.  The parking lot beside Natty Greene’s has a bunch of columns with this exact shape.  The red key and 8:45, was letting you know that this key was going to be put into play at 8:45.  If you carefully looked at your clue list, it told you to join us at the LAST STOP, Natty Greene’s at 8:30.  That was a huge hint and we snuck that right in!  The SILO was at Natty Greene’s.  If you looked around the buildings in the vicinity, then you would found that the image of the column in the puzzle was exactly like the columns in the parking deck beside Natty Greene’s.  By walking around the inside of Natty Greene’s, then you would have discovered that there is an upper level in the rear.  There is a window in that upper level!  If you would have looked out that window at 8:45pm, then you would have seen the red key on the inside of the column (of the parking deck).  Taking a picture of the red key through window at the indicated time would have landed you and your team $1000 bucks.

Puzzle 2 for $600, we have to admit, was tough too!  Where are there ponytails, doors with petals, windows, years and a place where you can have a seat?  Our wonderful Union Square, where our Capitol building is!  If you look through the window, there is a bust that is facing East and his ponytails is facing West.  The entrance to the Capitol building has ornate petals on it (it was closed and we did not want you to enter!)  George Washington’s bust is looking out of one window and he is facing West.  There are many items with” years” throughout the square (yet another hint!).  We dropped the key at 8:30 pm near a place to “seat” (0ne of the many benches).  After retrieving the key, the team who brought it back to Natty Greene’s won $600.

Puzzle 3 for $400, was a fun “TO DO” list!  Scavenge, Scavenge, Scavenge!

2011 Puzzle

We’re not going to explain this one, but you get the idea.

2012 Puzzle

Oh goodness, where to begin.  This year was exciting and full of twists and turns.

Key 1   $500 Puzzle:

Deja Vu and 269 x 32 m was referring to the London Bridge Pub.  The Deja Vu piece was given out at London Bridge and 269 x 32 m is the span of the bridge.  The current bridge was built in 1973, the year of the Water Ox (we had another reference to the Chinese Zodiac at the Big Easy and 2012 is the year of the Rabbit).  This Perfect Day is the title of the book by Ira Levin  which was on the bookshelf there.  The Jason Turner Project is also known the Page 100 project which was where the key was taped.  Successfully captured!

Key 2   $500 Puzzle:

“X” and the Delta (which signifies change).  “X Change” was a reference to Exchange Plaza on Fayetteville St.  Right in front of Exchange Plaza is the Big Easy and Raleigh City Museum.  In front of the Raleigh City Museum there is a statue entitled, “Whispering Close.”  The ying yang was a reference to opposite or duality.  The opposite of “scream far” is…  The key was attached to the bottom of the statue.  Many people actually pin pointed the place where the key was but were not thorough enough to capture it.  Eventually captured (with hints)

Key 3 $  500 Puzzle:

Trash Can or can, light switch, switch or where the switch is positioned. “Can+ ” On” =  CANNON was what we wanted you to decipher.  You had to take the stairs to get to this cannon.  The leap year reference was so that you could identify the year associated with the cannon, 1748.  Tampered/partial capture (the backing where the key was glued to was recovered).

$250 Raleigh Puzzle:

The Nature Research Center’s “centerpiece” is the SECU Daily Planet.  The numbers relate to its weight and circumference.  South America and particularly the falklands and pagagonia region stand out as you walk up to it.  Discovered.