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Prize(s) for the 10th annual Raleigh Typhoon on Saturday, July 30, 2016 include:


  • Solving the Typhoon puzzle(s)!


  • Solving the Typhoon puzzle(s)
  • Best Team Costumes
  • Being Social Media Rockstars
    • This prize goes to the team with the most Raleigh Typhoon-themed Tweets, Facebook and / or Instagram posts, posted during the hours of the Typhoon game (1-7 PM) and that meet the criteria described here.
    • To enter and qualify for the prize, your team must FIRST Tweet or Post from each and every platform they are participating in (Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram): “[#YourTeam’sHashtag] is going for the Social Media Rockstar prize at @RaleighTyphoon!”
    • Tweets / posts may not be obscene or derogatory of anyone else — businesses, other teams, etc. — or you will be disqualified (though playful, competitive team banter is totally acceptable). EVERY Tweet / Post must meet ALL FIVE rules to be counted towards the Social Media Rockstar scores!
      • The Team’s posts must be public / visible to the public to be counted.
      • The Team uses their own team hashtag in the Tweet / Post (Example: #GreenTeam)
      • The Team uses the #raleightyphoon hashtag in the Tweet / Post
      • The Team tags at least one of the participating clue hosts / sponsors in the Tweet / Post
      • The Tweet / Post must be spontaneous, including a description of something Raleigh Typhoon-related happening in real-time – no irrelevant Tweets, and no scheduling Tweets!
  • Pokémon GO! 
    • Teams competing for the Pokémon GO prize must declare they are competing for this prize during their Raleigh Typhoon team check-in on July 30.
    • The prize will be awarded to the Raleigh Typhoon team that collectively catches the most Pokémon between 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Each team member’s Pokémon will be counted and added to the team’s total.
    • Teams must successfully complete at least six (6) of the regular Raleigh Typhoon clue activities (teams receive a puzzle piece upon activity completion as evidence). For every additional Raleigh Typhoon activity the team participates in, the team will receive 10 points towards their Pokémon score.
    • Teams must arrive and check in at the final Raleigh Typhoon location by 7:30 PM in order to be scored. Teams arriving after 7:30 PM will be disqualified.

Of course, the best prize of all is a great time with your friends for a good cause. 🙂

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