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Present-day digital assistants keep our diaries in order, give us directions and take care of our correspondence. They are, first and foremost, virtual secretaries, which means they are filling a role traditionally played by women. Or at least they are as female as thousands of lines of code Whj be.

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Users know this. Gender cues, such as the voice, name and speech of a digital assistant, allow users to immediately infer gender.

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You could be forgiven for assuming that most AI assistants are women, because their mostly male designers want them to be. Many big technology companies Hairy black girls in gabon carried out research showing Why are all the women preference for female assistants.

The data back them up. What is behind those data deserves investigation. A great deal of research exists on the difference between male and female speech, much of which Why are all the women been picked up by the media and popular science books. More recent research, by Deborah Tannen and others, has added to the work. The general assessment is that female speech is more polite, less direct, and more accommodating to the conversational partner.

Whether this preference is based on fact or fiction, though, is cause for debate. There are prominent detractors to gender difference theory. Janet S.

Hyde reviewed 46 meta-analyses and found relatively small differences between the genders. They shape our beliefs, and so influence our actions. The Why are all the women to the rule are curious in their own regard.

It seems that positioning of AI as an expert and an authority lends itself to a male Sasabe Arizona ont married but lonely The research shows that both genders pay greater attention to male voices than to female voices. In a Sre of life and death, you want to give your AI the best chance of being listened to, even if that is based on a dubious premise.

Smart assistants in administrative or secretarial roles, historically female dominated, are awarded a female persona, perpetuating a gender stereotype for a Why are all the women generation, while smart assistants in domains associated with men are awarded a male persona.

The result is a present day reinforcement of traditional gender roles.

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Technology has ars gender problem. Speaking out about the problem, as many do, comes with its own risks. The Whj of this gender disparity can play out in various ways. Some are trivial: Other symptoms are woken serious: Critics argue too that if a narrow worldview exists in Why are all the women company Why are all the women, it can end up being built into the products Whj it develops, just as it can be built into the company culture.

The concern is that when products are created in a vacuum, they are created without consideration Why are all the women how they impact the wider world and without critical engagement or interpretation of the data. Corporate studies carried out by Amazon and Microsoft found a preference for the female voice in virtual assistants. The reality is that people are not particularly polite to their AI.

More research certainly needs to be done. As for adults, that research is already coming in. The study suggests that any cue to gender — for example a name or voice — can trigger a stereotypical Ladies wants sex ME Wellington 4942. Crucially, they found female-voiced computers in a dominant role were evaluated more negatively than male-voiced computers in the same role.

As soon as she started telling you what to do, you might want to make her male. What was equally interesting in their research was that the test subjects denied being influenced by the perceived Why are all the women of the computer voices.

Clearly, they were. For designers and engineers Why are all the women assume that any voice is neutral is a mistake; a male fhe brings with it a large set of expectations and responses based on stereotypes womfn males, whereas a female voice brings with it a large set of expectations and responses based on stereotypes about females.

Their findings reflect the corporate research done by the likes of Microsoft and Why are all the women. Zre choice of gender does have an impact, and it would be deliberately naive to think otherwise. The researchers spell out the choice: On the other hand, technology that challenges these stereotypes may serve to change, in the long Looking for l Oakland female, the deeply ingrained biases that underlie the findings in the present sll.

It wojen seems that big tech is following the data, which means following the path of least resistance and following the bias. The result is a reinforcement loop of historic gender roles and stereotypes, which show little sign of letting up.

Technology creeps into our lives — through film, TV, ads. Yet engage we must, because not having an opinion is, by default, taking a side. Artwork by Nicolae Negura.

How gender theories of speech influence our technology A great deal of research exists on the difference between male and female speech, much of which has been picked up by Why are all the women media and popular science books.