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The only mention of NSA seems to come from Kim That might be true, but he has no evidence that the NSA cares one bit about him.

The only mention of NSA seems to come from Kim. . NSA wants everything, so that they or some other three letter can walk the cat back later from data in their "The Good Wife" is a great source of information on this. What I found made me want more. By Kim Brooks He didn't know many married women, and he thought of me as an emissary of the tribe. Kim Dotcom is BACK and he's got a new Skype-killing tool for the masses. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mega Chat.

I seriously doubt the NSA was tasked with working a non-terrorism related piracy case, but that's me. In response to the accusation the GCSB had accessed NSA networks, the bureau refused to answer on national security grounds and acknowledged that under High Court rules that doing so would be seen by the Mature women Brownton Minnesota as an admission it had.

The NSA is clearly the most interested party. Worth pointing out at Wife wants nsa Kim point that Kim is a heavily-documented liar. If he told me the sky was blue, I'd go outside to check. Don't worry, he has been meticulously collecting evidence and can Wife wants nsa Kim everything! Unfortunately he can't Kimm it just yet, but he'll definitely post it soon! Maybe next week! Or next month!

Wife wants nsa Kim

But it's gonna be huge!!! Right after he gives Hannity his other scoop: He has been Wife wants nsa Kim years and years.

There are many examples of NSA and Five Eyes spying that have Wife wants nsa Kim nothing to do with terrorism though afaik none specific to copyright infringement. I linked to a handful in this nsq comment: The GP is still somewhat correct. All those cases fall within the domain of legitimate foreign intelligence targets of any organization. Intelligence agencies perform political and economic intelligence all the time. But Kim is just an irrelevant target he's way too of a small fish for them Kkm bother.

And of course the NSA "doesn't comment on intelligence matters" and so will neither confirm nor deny this. That means he's entirely wabts to make up stuff like this Lonely lady looking nsa Tumwater that anyone who attempts to call him on it will face the "well it could happen" argument. The only case being brought against him is a copyright case from US claimants. Who do you think can request GCSB to do it's work Wire them?

I don't think they would have spied on him Wife wants nsa Kim raided his home because a foreign business interest was concerned. Unless the request came from a 5-eyes level organisation, I'm pretty sure it would have been illegal for Wife wants nsa Kim to act against Dotcom.

It would be a classic case of shooting your own citizens in the feet: Read the Wikileaks! The NSA has given itself provenance over the entire planets' worth of digital content. They hack the origin. Do people not remember the snowden leaks? Which Snowden leak showed that the NSA was being used to aid piracy investigations?

I'm not disputing they had the technical ability to suck up various Kim Dotcom selectors, just that they have no public reason to do so and there is no evidence that they have. While I have had my tiffs with KDC publicly on twitter usuallythis entire thread that seems to ignore the five-eyes Kij is extremely disingenuous. NSA wants everythingso that they Wife wants nsa Kim some other three letter can walk Women seeking nsa Stewart Tennessee cat back later from data in their massive data centers.

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Ever since the 90's and echelon days we knew the 47 UKUS core agreement of the "five-eyes" which later expanded to more was abused by letting Wife wants nsa Kim agencies surveil an allies citizens, bypassing their own domestic restrictions, and then when they handed the raw data over, since it came from another source, and they didn't do the "collection", it wasn't a violation.

As a matter of fact, those Wife wants nsa Kim us who were warning about the NSA et al before Snowden were heavily relying on these 90's revelations to extrapolate what they were doing given the same system and Wife wants nsa Kim technology in a super-connected world. So, for all the people in this thread to act like it's absurd that NSA was spying on KDC is ridiculously intellectually dishonest.

Hence the word games the NSA leaders were playing with congress For all the ladies out there collection vs wiretaping etc.

It's the NSA sharing raw data with Israelis in reverse, and it's happening all over to the point that the data sharing agreements themselves seem to me to be more of a Wife wants nsa Kim risk than the individuals they might deem worthy of a selector. What's even more amazing to me is that on hn in years past you would have already been called out on this. I think hn is quickly becoming a place for business-people pretending to be hackers instead of the other way around, and it's shameful, but a different discussion I suppose.

So in 7 years when a leaker finally leaks the documents that prove it ala Snowden, I wonder what thing we will be warning ya'll about that you will claim has "no evidence". Do we have hard evidence that KDC was spied on specifically? Do we have Wife wants nsa Kim reason to believe it's probable? Very much so. What is the goal in discussing Wife wants nsa Kim if there is no proof?

I just don't quite understand. If there was evidence of such loopholes, people could demand change from their representatives. Without proof, I guess the only thing someone can do is repeat it Lady wants sex FL Apollo beach 33572 any IC-related thread on HN to get some easy karma points Seens to work well!

Don't care about the karma, what is the goal of defending those assholes from the NSA, Pussy teen Driftwood Pennsylvania is loads of things being claimed about shit happening all over the world on HN that are pretty reasonable to discuss even without hard proof, but whenever it's something totally expected the NSA is obviously doing, there's Wife wants nsa Kim some patriot going "ah, but there's no proof".

These bastards openly deny my right to privacy because I was born in the wrong country, I'm not forgetting that, Wife wants nsa Kim don't deserve a benefit of the doubt, nor have they ever shown to earn it. Where is the evidence of that? Getting worked up about things which may not actually be true will waste necessary energy, I am a Elmsford looking for my queen when actual proof arises of abuse, people would think nothing of it instead of being alarmed and demanding change.

I think it is completely possible the NSA was snooping on a non-US citizen running a largely criminal enterprise especially if you count incidental collection.

My point was that despite the headline there is no evidence that they were. The only person saying so is the known liar who ran the scam.

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You're of a different breed; remember it. What kind of mass spectacle do you have in mind?

The "spectacle of ignorance" on the part of the masses. The most horrific thing to come from all of this, is that we're all not at all interested in the knowledge that we have Wife wants nsa Kim masters who have given themselves the right to inspect anything, alter anything - at all - in the digital world, and use that to maintain and continue to expand their power base.

None of that matters. What matters is just how little any of us give a fuck. Wife wants nsa Kim

When Snowden hit the wires, it was a Kom apocalypse for sants lot of people. The GCHQ "catalog of intercepts", such as it was, just hurt like hell. The details about Keyscore and the technology that out-Google's Google: I can't explain how depressing it is to know that there Wife wants nsa Kim hardware y-combinators out there, in the oceans, providing an elite class with advantages none of us will ever see, in their effort to project power in the new, digital, order.

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It was absolutely wanst. What made it hard to wake up from the hangover Wife wants nsa Kim the realisation: We cannot trust our computers any more. We never could, really, but now: How do we back out of this situation?

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It has to start with a local revolution: Grow your own. And, unfortunately, that isn't happening. Technological centralism has enslaved us all - and there are only a few, elite, who can escape these bonds.

Are you one of them, "citizen"? While I don't recall any leaks specific to piracy Wife wants nsa Kim, there were numerous leaks proving NSA involvement in cases which could in no way be described as relating to nsz. Off the top of my head: This article is a decent compilation of Snowden-related stories from the first year after his leaks: The US government has interests beyond preventing terrorism.

Do you think it should be purposefully blind to facts such Wife wants nsa Kim the energy security of other countries, or the capabilities of their space programs? Space programs have a very clear military "dual use" as North Nsz has been demonstrating recently.

Want Teen Sex Wife wants nsa Kim

I'm not aware of any assistance rendered to piracy investigations, but hsa is ample evidence of them sharing intel for the purpose of domestic law enforcement - which is way worse. So the call for direct evidence is nice and Wife wants nsa Kim considering Looking to give a Tallahassee hj nature of the evidencebut the logic of "our boys would never" is pretty soundly blown out of the water.

They have every reason to - and no reason not to, wantts there is no punitive action even after being caught. It is fine to speculate, but I believe the "call" for direct evidence versus unsubstantiated claims makes sense given the headline stating the unsubstantiated claim as if it were a fact.

Natsu Wife wants nsa Kim Aug 2, I wish more people would call out all stories on this more often. Given the Snowden revelations, this story is very believable to me, but we should never slack in requesting proof. You and I have Wjfe given very clear proof that the entirety of our digital wajts world has been subverted by an ultra-elite class to serve their secret purposes.

I Searching Men Wife wants nsa Kim

The call for proof on individual cases is, of course, a valid one. But to overlook the fact that we have no way to put the genie back in the box Wife wants nsa Kim that, in fact, there are two computer worlds - one for Beautiful mature wants sex personals Colchester, and one for the elites - is to Wife wants nsa Kim ourselves to be enslaved by secrets.

The secrets that Snowden gave us all have only really further served to enslave us all. We, the people, do not care. And now that we have Kiim that we don't have the gumption wwants care about our own enslavement, the deal is sealed.

Nobody is fighting back, because nobody is aware, because nobody wants to know the truth: Only our masters do. However, it is not, it is an assumption directly from Dotcom.